Friday, April 19, 2013

FO Friday: Zipped Cardigans!

Finally!  With the weather getting warmer, I packed my two girls and took the trip to my local craft store (which is not that local...) to get the zipper that I needed to finish Gabrielle's cardigan.  This cardigan has been sitting on my shelf for several months, waiting for additional yarn first, and then for a zipper.

I thought it was the perfect item to try  the TECHknitter no-sew zipper.  It was more difficult than I anticipated - most likely because I didn't have the right tool - but I am very pleased with the result. I do not have the tiny latch hook the TECHknitter uses for this.  I did the job with a regular tiny hook, so my yarn got split several times.  I nevertheless finished the job of transforming the zipper into a "knit-able object".  Once that's done, fixing the zipper on the cardigan becomes incredibly easy.

While at the craft store, I found this lovely Winnie the Pooh ribbon  - Winnie is Gab's favorite - and thought it would do a fantastic job to hide the zipper on the inside.  She loves it!

 I have also finished the Icelandic cardigan (from the Craftsy Top-Down Icelandic Sweater course) for Gabrielle's mother.  I was quite anguished while knitting it because I relied on measurements more than on the pattern.  Mrs Godmother hasn't tried it yet, but I am pretty sure I did a good job.

 I am really happy with the color work.  That purple really jumps out!

I have also finished it with a zipper rather than buttons, but I didn't use the no-sew technique for this one.  It just felt easier to sew it there, and allowed me to tame my steek stitches which were flaring a little.  I could resist:  I used the same ribbon to finish the inside: the godmother and goddaughter will share that little secret!

It's so great to have finished these two projects!  To look at more beautiful finished objects, visit Tami's amis FO Friday!



  1. The cardigans are beautiful! You did a fantastic job. I have never installed a zipper. It looks so daunting.

  2. They are both beautiful. Off to check out the zipper technique!! You did well.

  3. Gorgeous - both of them! I've looked a the no-sew zipper technique ... I even bought the magazine issue that it first appeared in ... but I have yet to try it. Maybe I'd better add that to my list of new techniques that I need to try!


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