Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yarn Along: New Projects!

Hello everyone!

This is my first post in two weeks - glad to be back.  Blogging and a number of other things have been on hold due to a tendonitis to my shoulder: no more browsing and typing allowed while breastfeeding.  The bad news is that this will considerably limit my contribution to the online knitting and crafting community.  The good news is that, weirdly enough, it doesn't stop me from knitting.  Pheeewww!

In the past few days, I have finished the two cardigans I was working on.  More about these on Friday!  The great thing about finishing items is that I can start new ones completely guilt free.  So here's what's in my project box now:

The red yarn that wants to jump in your face from this photo comes from my big stash of Caron Simply Soft that I bought on sale during the Christmas time.  It is yarn to experiment, but also to play.  I started this lovely little cape, Capuchon,  for Gabrielle.  I thought that since she lives pretty much all the time in a musical or in a play, she would love to be the little red riding hood.  It is very simple and relaxing to knit...

In the picture, you might also have recognized the Lett Lopi I used for my Icelandic cardigan.  I have a few skeins left and thought I could use some of it to make fingerless gloves.  The cardigan is for the girls' godmother, you had requested, a while ago, a pair of such gloves.  

I finished one and the other one is on the way.  I try to reuse some of the cardigan color work pattern on the glove.  I guess I could have done something a little more intricate, but I had never made gloves before and had to deal with a slightly different gauge than the one specified on the pattern.  I decided, for all these reasons, to play safe!

I am now debating whether I will also make a hat or a scarf...  but might just end up keeping the lovely Lopi to make some gloves for myself!

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  1. Considering you have never done gloves before, I think you have done an awesome job on the one you have already knit. It looks so nice and warm, and I adore the colours you have chosen.

  2. Those gloves will be great! Nice work!

  3. Love the gloves! Can't wait to see the cape done. Heal quick!

  4. Best to play it safe. If you can manage gloves that fit then you've done well already. They'll be really warm in Lopi!
    Hope your shoulder feels better soon!

  5. Two cardigans finished? Tendinitis is no match for your desire to knit! :-D Still, I hope that you can find some relief.

  6. Everything looks wonderful! I hope your shoulder is back to normal quickly:)


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