Sunday, March 10, 2013

Design Envy: Ivo the Seahorse

"You cannot have too many stuffed animals", says Stacey from FreshStitches.  Well, when I look at my daughters' room, I sometimes do feel we have plenty.  There are usually so many in Gab's bed that there is hardly any room left for her to sleep.

I think there are plenty, but when came Valentine's Day, what did I do?  I crocheted the girls (and hubby) amigurumis.  And it's Stacey's fault!  I took both her Craftsy classes:  Woodland Animals and Design Your Own Monster.  I crocheted the bear and the raccoon from the first class, and applied what I have learn from the second to create a duck for hubby.

What's great about these classes is that you don't have to be a very experienced crocheter to tackle Stacey's patterns.  You can create amazing stuffed animals if you can find your way around single crochet and backstitching.  I believe this is one of the two things that are behind FreshStitches' success:  giving everyone the possibility to pick up a crochet and some yarn and make a marvelous stuffed animal.

Look at the pattern page:  there will be something you'll like.  My favorite - with a pang of design envy - is Ivo the seahorse.

I love seahorses!!  They are truly amazing animals.  There is nothing like them under the sea.

Isn't Ivo amazing?  I believe you can create Ivo if you know how to single crochet, slip stitch and backstitch.

The other thing that I truly admire about FreshStitches is the attention to detail that Stacey gives to everything.  She created an environment that is beautiful, friendly and happy. The website is so nice to browse.  She must have spend a gizillion hours building it.  For every pattern, the material and skills required are clearly indicated alongside useful tips, again in a beautiful, friendly and happy manner.  And she blogs everyday!!  Finding something interesting to say everyday is quite something.  Writing it and illustrating it as she does is even more impressive.  No need to say that I am a faithful follower.

When I blogged about my finished amigurumis, I said that I would also suggest her blog to anyone wishing to start a web-based design business.  Many of her posts suggest that behind her happy-go-lucky character, Stacey is a very sharp and wise business woman!!  Today, I add "down-to-earth".  Read her post about the downsides to self-employment.

So, which amigurumi pattern is your favorite?

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