Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIPW: having fun again!

Finally!!  No more sick people in my house!  Life has returned to normal, except maybe for the few hours of sleep I am still missing.  Knitting was resumed as well, and my Try-It-out Sweater is progressing fast.

(Yes, those are baby feet.  I just couldn't get them out of the frame...)

What have I tried out on this sweater?  Well....
I am done with the yoke and have started the body.  This sweater, which started as a scrap yarn exercise, is becoming a garment I am really looking forward to wear!

I have also finally received the yarn I needed to finish Gabrielle's cardigan.  I still need a zipper, but at least I can get started on the edges.

While retrieving these pictures from my memory card, I found other photos I took last week.  We had quite a snowstorm of sticky snow:

And that's perfect for a snowman!!

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  1. First of all, there are not pics that aren't improved by the presence of baby feet. Also, I'm excited to see your finished sweater -- impressive that you incorporated so many new things, and it's looking great.

  2. I love it when a scrap project turns into something lovely!

  3. Your sweater looks great! The baby feet make the picture extra special:)
    The snow looks so pretty! I love seeing it when I don't have to shovel it:)

  4. Love the baby sweater! So sweet. Kudos to the learning new things sweater. it's always great to put techniques into action. Can't wait to see when done. And, no, I have not always been so meticulous in record keeping. That's why I ended up with over 74,000 yards of yarn! I am trying to keep a good record so I know what I have and what I have planned to make with it. But I am not always so good at keeping to my goal to knit up the stash. LOL!

  5. Love the sweater (and the baby feet!). You have really taken on a lot of new stuff with this one. I like it a lot!!!


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