Sunday, March 17, 2013

Design Envy: Leaves Skirt by Jenise Reid

I love Ravelry!  Isn't fabulous to be able to discover so much about knitting (and crocheting) in one central place?  You can easily find new patterns, discover new yarns, learn new techniques and meet new people.  I just love browsing patterns, finding one I like, and move to the designer page to see what else that person came up with.

That's what happened to me this week.  I stumbled across the Twist Sweater by Jenise Reid.  I find that sweater really cool, yet simple (cool and simple - my favorites!) with that twist stitch going all over.

I didn't know Jenise, so I check out her designer page, and several things happen to me then.

First, design envy.  Right next to the Twist Sweater is the Leaves Skirt.  Wow.  Isn't it pretty?  I just love the look with the brown belt and shoes and the green jacket.  Organic and stylish!

The skirt seems simple enough to make.  The only measurement you need is you hip measurement (or wherever you want to "hang" your skirt) and the flaring is done through the leaves getting bigger and bigger.   You just need to get the hang of the lace pattern!

It is make with KnitPicks Cotlin, a nice mix of cotton and linen, perfect for the upcoming summer!

From what I've seen, Jenise doesn't have a webpage or a blog.  She, however, host Ravelry group called Feminine by Design where the testing of her new designs is discussed, among other things.

While browsing, I then discovered that Jenise is a fellow Canadian, from British Columbia.  Canada being pretty large (very very very large), bumping into someone from BC doesn't often happen to me.  But on Ravelry, it is possible!

I WILL visit BC on day, if only to see those big giant trees like this one!  What a pretty picture!

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