Sunday, March 3, 2013

Design Envy: Knoten by Stephanie van der Linden

I will not knit socks.  I can't:  I am genetically sock'ed out.  My grandmother and my aunts have knitted so many socks that they used my sock quota in addition to their own.  They have knitted so many that my daughters may also have been born sock'ed out.  They have knitted several pairs of socks for each members of the family, for neighbors, friends and for summer employees of the family farm.  During the First and Second Wars, they must have supplied half the Canadian Army with socks as well.

That does not mean that I cannot appreciate sock patterns.  I can even suffer from design envy in front of a very special pairs of socks, like the ones designed by Stephanie van der Linden, called Knoten, featured in the Twist Collective Winter 2012 edition.

Aren't they original?  I've never seen anything like that before!!!  I really wonder how she came up with that motif!  Moreover, when you look at them sideways, they look completely different!  Even the soles are spectacular!!


When looking at her Ravelry designer page, it becomes very clear that Stephanie knows about socks.  She has several sock publications out, including The Sock Knitter's Workshop in collaboration with Ewa Jostes and Around the World in Knitted Socks.  Her designs include beautiful lace socks, but the ones using color work are the most striking of all!

And if you look at all her designs, back to the early ones, you understand that Stephanie is also a mother.  She has made lovely designs for babies before she became a sock superhero.  Not to be missed!!

So, if you are not sock'ed out like me, you will definitely find something that suits your tastes in Stephanie's designs.  To stand out of the crowd, why not knit yourself a pair of Knoten socks?

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