Friday, February 15, 2013

Another bear coming along

A few days ago, I wrote about my finished Valentine projects for my family.  Here they are again:

They were a big hit, especially with my three year old daughter Gabrielle.  She immediately adopted the three of them even though the duck was daddy's gift (no problem there) and the bear was here sister's gift (ouch!).

Now the little sister, Sarah, is only three month old.  She certainly didn't fuss about her sister playing with her bear.  I can foresee, however, that she will get exponentially more fussed about that in the months/years to come.  I therefore demanded, last night, for Gabrielle to hand back the bear to her sister for the night.  Well, that was akin to a Greek tragedy for my Gaby (tough, tough for mamma!!).

She finally agreed to give it back on the promise that I would crochet a similar bear for her....  That was the price of peace, which I will be paying for in the coming week!!

If you like amigurumi, I strongly suggest that you visit Stacey Trock website, Fresh Stitches.  Stacey designs the cutest amigurumis I've seen and she runs a number of fun crochet along (with great tips!) and contests.  I would also suggest her blog to anyone wishing to start a web-based design business.  Many of her posts suggest that behind her happy-go-lucky character, Stacey is a very sharp and wise business woman!!

And like me, she participates in Tami's amis FO Friday!

Join us too, if only to check out and comment on the beautiful work of fellow knitters and crocheters! 


  1. They are adorable. I think I would hog all three too.

  2. They are really cute. I can see why they were such a hit with your daughter. It feels wonderful when a handmade gift is so well received.

  3. Lovley amigurumi! My favorite is the duck.

    Here's my FO:


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