Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday

This is going to be short.  Not much has been done on the knitting or reading front since we've been the host of an un-welcome guest for the last week or so.  The benign-yet-horrible-end-of-winter-cold has invaded my house and has tackled each and every member of the household in turn.  If there was still time at the end of the day for knitting or reading, it was often devoted to trying to get rid of the bug myself.

I nevertheless did cast on my tryout sweater (being stubborn, or trying to do something pleasant for a few minutes), but every time progress was made I had to rip off because I was completely unable to concentrate.

As for reading, my sweater is a "knitting from the top" sweater, so Barbara Walker is never too far.  Elizabeth Zimmermann is right next to her, and I am having lots of fun jumping from one to the other, opening their books at a random page and discovering the knitting wisdom within.

There is one fundamental thing I have learnt through that sneezing-galore week:  health is so precious, especially in children.  That cold was nothing: nobody ran the slightest fever.  However, every time I was hearing one of my daughters cough, my heart would break.  Parents who have a sick child - a really sick one - and who manage to walk through the ordeal alongside the child are superheroes.

I am blessed with two beautiful and healthy daughters. Blessed.  There is nothing more to say.

Except perhaps to join Tamy and Ginny for their WIP Wednesday!


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  1. I need to make a try it out sweater..I hope you have a better week..and get to find sometime to knit:) :)


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