Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday WIP

It's Wednesday, and today is the perfect day to join Tami's Amis Wednesday WIP circle!

So, what's in progress at Elly Knits?  A few things are in the very early stages, but Gabrielle's cardigan almost done.  I chose to knit the largest size of Bobby by Martin Storey.  Before getting started, I converted the original pattern - knitted flat in distinct pieces - into a seamless cardigan.  However, when I got into the knitting, the stripes caused me a few little problems.

First, I started knitting the sleeves in the round but realized I was creating a "jog" every time I changed color. I didn't know, back then, that it was possible to knit jogless stripes back then, so I reverted to knitting the sleeves flat.  This is what it looked like when the sleeves and body were completed up to the armhole.

Second problem:  I didn't plan the shoulder shaping short rows adequately with regards to stripes.  Moreover, I was knitting away without paying enough attention, so I didn't catch the mistake until I was done with the hood!  Result, on the left front piece, I have a 4-row blue stripe, instead of a 2-row one.  This is what it looks like:

I guess that, from a distance, and especially with the smiling little princess inside the cardigan, you don't really see the extra-large stripe.

Now, here comes the last issue.  It has nothing to do with stripes.  Even though the pattern called for 7 balls of yarn for the largest size (6 for the others), I bought only 6 as I didn't want to end up with some yarn left over to add to my ever growing stash.  Well, guess what?  I don't have enough yarn left for the edging and the button band.  It is especially problematic given that the shipping costs for one ball of yarn will be more expensive than the yarn itself, and that a trip to the yarn store in the middle of the winter with a 3 year old and a 3 month old requires a lot of planning/effort.

I guess it'll be a little while before this little cardigan makes it to Tami's Amis Friday FO!

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