Saturday, February 2, 2013

My first post: Google Reader for Knitting Blogs

Well, this is it.  After weeks of changing my mind about it, I have decided to start blogging.  There are so many blogs and other resources on knitting that I kept on wondering whether I could add anything of some value.  Of course, I find it fun and motivating to share what I am working on, but there should be a little more to it, no?
I was musing about this again this morning, and suddenly had an idea.  In my work, I have to do a lot of research and have to compile a lot of information.  I've become pretty good at it.  So what if my blog, in addition to the sharing of pictures, was about sharing the great (and not so great) knitting and crochet resources I have found on the net and elsewhere?  That could "add value", as it is currently said in my big office building.

So, let's get started!

Here's a great tool that I have discovered not long ago.  It is not directly targeted to knitter, but it did make my knitter's life much easier!  I like to follow several blogs (on knitting and other things), but also discussions on Ravelry.  The links were all in my favorites, but it was a long run, every morning, to check whether something new had been posted.  That was until I discovered Google Reader.  This is what it looks like:

You press the SUBSCRIBE button to add the RSS feed address of all the blogs you want to follow.  You can directly read the latest posts in Google Reader - they are now all at the same place!  Best of all, if you leave Google Reader open, you get this little notification whenever something new is posted!  That's the feature I like best.
You can download it for free from the Google web page.

Who knows?  Maybe you'll put my blog's feed in your Google Reader subscriptions!

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