Sunday, February 3, 2013

Techknitting: A Real Treasure

It starts with this: "30 years of tricks want out of my mind and into yours."  
It looks like a blog, but it isn't.  It's a knitting encyclopedia.  Seriously.  And it's free.

It all started for me in Amy Detjen's Craftsy class Custom Yoke Sweater.  In the class, Amy mentions the great number of technical resources for knitters that can be found on the web and cite TECHknitting as her favorite.  So I checked it out, and so should you if you haven't done so already.  Find it here.

Even better, check out the blog index here.  I have sworn to myself that I would read every piece of information in there!  It seems to me that all subjects are covered in over 200 posts.  Simple to complex techniques are described very clearly with fantastic illustrations, photos and videos.  No wonder this blog won prizes!

I got started this morning on a series of 10 posts on "How to knit better bands and cuffs".  Well, believe me, my cuffs and bands will never be the same again.  I am seriously considering ripping the bands I have made for a baby cardigan I am currently finishing to replace them with rolled edge.  See the first post of this series

After you've been through a couple of posts, you may also feel the 30 years of experience hidden behind the words.  Moreover, the TECHknitter doesn't just knit for a living.  She loves to knit.  You can hear it in her podcast Two bits of knitting theory: the "work-to-glory" ratio and "product-plus-process".  Here is a quote that talked directly to my heart:

Often, however, hand-knitted objects add another dimension, a process dimension. See your kid standing near the door in hand-made socks, ready to pull on shoes and head out? Those socks are loving that child--the kid is wearing a hug on each foot, and the knitter and the kid both know it. This is process and product combined: knitted object as connection between people. 

That's exactly how I feel when I knit for my girls, and I am sure many other knitters share this feeling too.

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