Sunday, February 24, 2013

Design Envy: Venezia Pullover by Eunny Jang

So there I was, Tuesday morning, breastfeeding Sarah with my left hand, drinking coffee and checking my emails with the right one.  I was going through the morning inbox with new positions available in finance, the latest deals from my favorite stores, and my Knitting Daily email from Interweave.

It was about a new book by Martin Storey, Scottish Knits.  I thought "Oh!  This is the designer behind the little cardigan I am making for Gabrielle!".  Scroll, scroll, scroll.  I kept on thinking "This is nice, I should check out his other designs..."  Scroll, scroll, scroll and BANG!

Design envy.

Like I mentioned last week in my post on Granville by Fiona Ellis, design envy is similar to food envy.  Food envy strikes me in a restaurant when the plates arrive: sometimes I would give anything to eat what's on my table neighbor's plate instead of what's in mine.  Design envy is when I see a design and I would give anything to have been the one coming up with this idea first.  Does it ever happen to you?

Well, on Tuesday, design envy struck me at the very bottom of the email.  A little vignette among many "other traditional designs".  A Fair Isle pullover by Eunny Jang (see also here), called Venezia Pullover.

It was published in Interweave Knits, Winter 2006.  Fancy that!!  That amazing design has been waiting there 6 years for me to get all envious about!

I usually do not like designs with motifs/patterns all over, but this one is definitely an exception.  The choice of colors and the subtle motif give a definite "chic" to the pullover.  The waist shaping, three-quarter sleeves and overall length add to the elegance of the design.  Big presentation to the Board of Directors with the A/C max-ed out?  Dinner in a fancy restaurant in the midst of winter?  That pullover would be my top choice!!

You have to be brave though:  It involves steeking, that is, cutting into your knitted fabric to assemble the garment.  It must be completely freeky to knit something so beautiful and then put the scissors in it!!

You may have seen Eunny before, as a host on Knitting Daily TV.  I came across a video on the TECHknitter's blog in which she explains how to make jogless stripes.  Jogless stripes are certainly an interesting topic, but even more fascinating is the speed at which Eunny knits!  Check it out at 3 minutes 50 seconds.

Well, now that I have confessed everything about my sin of design envy, I can keep on going and check out the 1120 designs by Martin Storey!  I'll probably become envious again!

If you have ever suffered from design envy before, share the pattern with us!

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