Friday, February 22, 2013

Evernote Part II

A few days ago I wrote about Evernote, a free software I use to keep my craft information and ideas at hand and tidy.  I have showed you the main view of the software, where you organize your notebooks and tags and where you can browse your notes.  Today, I'd like to show you what an actual note looks like.

In my "Knitting Patterns" notebook, I have a note in which I store a free pattern from the Rowan website:  Bobby, by Martin Storey.  This is what the note looks like:

The pdf file sits nicely in the note, and all pages can be viewed from within the note (the pdf can also be extracted to be viewed on a stand-alone basis).  Whenever I import a new pattern (as easy as drag and drop within Evernote), I tag it in the upper panel with, among others, the yarn weight, and I copy the gauge at the top of the note.  As you see, the pdf is like an object in the note and I can put text (or a picture, or another pdf, ...) above and below.

I am almost finished knitting the piece.  Before I started, I change the instructions to knit the cardigan seamlessly.  I did the calculations in an Excel spreadsheet and have dropped the spreadsheet below the pdf:

Of course, while knitting, some things didn't go as planned, so I took a few notes to make sure I would not repeat the same mistakes if I ever knit this piece again.  I have also added the pictures I took to upload on Ravelry.

Whenever I am planning a new design, I create a new note and literally chuck in all my ideas, pictures and stitch patterns.  I also scan any scribble I make on the way and save these scans in my note, with pictures of my swatches.  I do not have much space at home to keep hard copies of everything that goes into a design (OK, I never was very tidy with old swatches and scribbles) but the essential gets save in Evernote.

If you end up downloading and trying the software, please let us know what you think!

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  1. Aloha! Found this blog post via Google. I had bought a pattern wallet for paper patterns and it works great. However, when I'm knitting a stranding chart that I've made up, it's a landscape orientation and doesn't quite work in the pattern wallet. So I remembered Evernote being brought to my attention b/c of a knitter had used it.
    I understand Evernote helps with pattern access digitally, but does it help you track where your place is? I know there is an Android app but that seems to be only for written patterns. Mahalo for your time. I'm Kepanie on Rav.


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