Sunday, February 10, 2013

My finished Valentine gifts!

Finally!!  Not only have I finished my Valentine amigurumis, but I have also taken pictures of the final products.  Only parents who have or had young kids to take care of know what an exploit that is!!

Aren't they cute?

The bear is for my baby Sarah, the raccoon for Gabrielle and the cranky duck, well.... for my husband.  Funny choice for my other half, you say?  Well, my husband collects rubber ducks.  He has over 100 of them, all of them sitting pretty in our main bathroom.  This one isn't rubber, true, but I am sure he'll find a place for this cranky guy too.

I have made the bear and the raccoon as part of the Amigurumi: Woodland Animals Craftsy class.  I absolutely loved it, and immediately enrolled in the Design your own monster class afterwards, from which the cranky duck was born.

These classes have also given me an idea for Easter....  Coming up in a later post!

Now, I just have to wait for the 14th to distribute my presents to the family!

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